Setting sails into the agile world.


Dezember 7


14:00 - 15:30

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Marco Keppens - suitable solutions IT UG

If you want a brief insight into the agile world, this training is the right choice for you. Why is it useful to work agile?

Everywhere you hear something about „agile“ or „Scrum„, but what exactly is it, what is behind it and is it the new wonder weapon?

With this workshop I want to give an insight into the agile world. To tell something from the practice and bring the topic closer. The workshop is structured in such a way that no previous knowledge is required. The participants are integrated and can work on parts of the workshop together.

The workshop will be conducted with the help of Google Meet and Mural Boards.

You will need speakers (or headphones), a microphone and a webcam.

I will also be available for questions after the workshop.


  • Welcome and introduction of the participants
  • Why is it useful to work agile?
  • Where does it make sense to work agile?
  • What is an agile mindset?
  • Overview of the Scrum Flow.
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